Smile with your eyes    
Have the opening line (then let him lead)
Give guys a break
Always kiss on the first date (but not more...)
Carry Cablight props when you go out

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Turn Your Cablight on: Find Your Dream Man in Six Months or Less

Turn Your Cablight on: Find Your Dream Man in Six Months or Less

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Book Description
In Turn Your Cablight On, you’ll find Nancy’s expert tips, proven strategy, and invaluable advice on the male perspective. Nancy knows you don't need rules or endless theories--you need a strategy that works. If you’ve wasted hours on internet searches that went nowhere, or if you’ve been hanging around, waiting for someone to notice how great you are, get ready to try a completely new approach. Nancy will show you how to truly and confidently put yourself out there and how to get men to notice you. In addition, Nancy's husband Daniel Aferiat, a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in Manhattan, also gives his take on common dating situations and emotions in every chapter. If you’ve ever asked yourself why you’re still single when you have so much to offer, you’re about to find out how hundreds of women have made their own luck in love—and how you can, too.




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